Cissy Xia

User Experience Designer/Manager


AA Navigation Redesign 2016 A global left sidebar that allows user to navigate freely and easily.
Product Manager/Designer
AA App Navigation 2016 Attribute-based Breadcrumb that allows user to navigate the apps across the app stores.
Product Manager
App Annie Newsfeed 2015 App Update based feed system that allows user to capture the news of mobile apps.
Product Manager
AA Site Architecture 2015 Complicated programm to split the system to Product Dashboard and Marketing Website for better user experience.
Product Manager/Designer
Autodesk Rendering 2010 Early product exploration of Rendering Service that allows user to render jobs in the cloud.
Interaction Designer
Autodesk AIRMAX 2008 Program to adopt ribbon UI and unify the user interface of all Autodesk products.
Interaction Prototyper


One size does not fit all. Same as Process. Process varies dpending on problems, scope, organization, team familiarity, skill level. On every account, all processes contain three primary steps.

Discovery, also known as Research, is the first and the most critical step. The goal of discovery is to identify the problems, to eliminate the distraction, and then to set the goal for everyone.

Ideation and Validation brings the difference to the solution.

Development makes the design come true.

Iteration, iteration, iteration is the key to success.

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